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Inspired by Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, as well as its diasporic influences of Indigenous, West African, and Asian folklore; my creative passion encompasses film, photography, and sculptural work in metal, wood, and mixed media.


I am a highly self-motivated and energetic emerging Visual Artist. Founding a career on ethics, hard work and dedication, I enjoy complex multi-tasking, which reveals itself in my portfolio.


With a strong focus on stimulating sensory and emotional contemplation, my art practice is a melting pot of intuitions, sensations, and lived experiences that can never be truly represented. Fusing the textural engagement of traditional working methods with contrasting contemporary materials and methods of formation, I am continuously broadening my technical and methodical working practices. This dynamic and fluid approach ensures that all of my projects are meticulously hand crafted, independent, and unique

Dried tree stump with hammer and anvil
Annealing copper bowl
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